We must prepare our students for the jobs of tomorrow and ensure they receive the best education in Colorado today. 
Gearing Students for the Future

By 2027, the Georgetown University Center on Education predicts that 70 percent of all jobs will require some education beyond high school.

We must support our students for the careers of tomorrow whether they are bound for college or not.

  • Ensure learning is aligned with college admissions standards and connect our students with financial aid options

  • Expand opportunities for internships and other development programs to grow our students

  • Provide expanded support to parents and caregivers to provide a full-circle community of support 

  • Fight to get our students back on track after a year of educational changes during the COVID-19 pandemic


The construction industry in Colorado is facing an industry crisis labor shortage.  

While we must champion a college education, we must also teach students about trades that provide lifelong careers, a quality income and reliable healthcare. These include trade apprenticeships with labor unions and other trade career paths.

  • Connect students with tours of labor apprenticeship programs

  • Provide students educational materials of benefits of these career pathways

  • Expand internships and other apprenticeships by partnering with local businesses

Supporting our Educators

Educators help to determine lifetime outcomes of our youth and we must do everything in our power to make them feel valued, compensated and supported.   

I aim to ensure our pay scale and benefits are competitive so we do not lose quality educators to other local school districts. On the school board, I will also champion the concerns expressed by educators, support staff and every district employee.

School Safety

The last thing a student should worry about is their safety.  School should be a healthy environment and sanctuary that protects them from bullying and violence.

  • Tackle bullying and harassment. 

  • Ensure proper school security

  • Ensure proper personal protective equipment and sanitation 

  • Support and protect our minority and LGBTQ students 

  • Provide proper mental healthcare options 

Connecting our students to tech

We must expand the pipeline of our students to 21st century career paths including the tech, coding and emerging technology industries. 

  • Provide introductions to coding and emerging industry training programs like coding boot camps

  • Build relationships with the tech industries to provide our students opportunities for mentorships

  • Work with the funding communities to ensure there are proper scholarships so every student has access to proper resources

Supporting STEM-A

We must ensure our students are prepared for the next generation of jobs by supporting STEM-A (Science Technology Engineering and Math through Art) programing. 


We can increase student growth by embracing the STEM-A pedagogy style. We must implement the latest STEM-A education model by creating a space for students to explore and experiment in real-time through art, and include as much hands-on learning as we can to give our students the best chance for success.

Ending Lunch Debt

As a school board, we must come together to find ways to ensure the school district does not have to use general fund dollars to pay for outstanding lunch debt. A family's financial situation should not be a barrier to accessing healthy meals.

  • Find community solutions to raise funds to cover all lunch debt

  • Eliminate low-income stigmas


I will be donating 10 percent of every dollar I raise in my campaign to help pay student lunch debts.

Better Community Engagement 

As Englewood continues to grow and parents are presented with an increasing number of education options for their children, we must do everything we can to support the Englewood Schools and maintain its enrollment. We must keep our community engaged.

  • Expand community engagement to foster better community goodwill 

  • Open schools for more public tours outside of school hours

  • Find unique ways to engage new residents and educate them about our great school system

Community Input

What ideas do you have to improve our school system or to champion education in Englewood? I want to hear from you! Please email at and tell me your thoughts!